About Battles Photography

Jim Battles

Jim Battles, freelance photographer. 15 years experience serving the photographic needs of editorial, corporate and commercial clients. Considered creative, conceptual and lot of fun to work with.

222 Pearl Street,
New Albany, IN 47150
(812) 944-7770
Located in Southern Indiana/Louisville, Ky. metropolitan area, but has been known to travel. Recently sighted within a 3-hour-drive radius including Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio, Nashville, Tenn. and Indianapolis, Ind.

A)To reach prospective clients.
B)To impress them.
C)To get them to pay Battles Photography to make pictures for them.
D)To get them to tell all their friends.
E)To repeat steps A-D.

The above photograph is a self-portrait which conceptually sums up his work. There are many facets to what he does, which you will discover exploring these pages. No single view represents the whole picture, but together they should give you a pretty good idea of how he sees, thinks and, of course, creates images.

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