What is your background?

Painted canvas is good, and rolled seamless paper works pretty well...but seriously...

Professionally speaking, I am paper trained-- newspaper, that is. I have a bachelor of arts degree in photojournalism from Western Kentucky University. I have interned at two large newspapers, part-timed at a small one and freelanced considerably for another large one. Hard news, sports, lifestyles: I've done them all. To this day I still fight the urge to grab my cameras and run when a fire truck goes past.

What this means for my clients is that deadlines and pressure situations are nothing new to me. I have learned to work quickly and simply and also strive for my photographs to have a "journalistic" look --controlled, but natural.

Technically speaking, this means shooting in available light. But it also means that if I have a case full of powerful strobes...they are available lights! The artistry comes in knowing when to be heavy-handed, and when to "play it as it lies," and when to blend both.

Other professional experience includes assisting a number of commercial photographers, and some time as a graphic designer, doing logos, brochures and even a large catalog. (This was in the old days before Quark and Photoshop...yes, manual paste-ups. Does anyone remember these?)

I also have a thing on the side as a professional puppeteer. How does this experience serve my clients? If you can hold the attention of 500 grade school kids for 30 minutes with nothing more than a sock on your hand, certainly lesser miracles are possible.

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