How much will this cost my company?

Short answer: How much do you have?

Better answer: It depends.

Explanation of Better answer: If you give me some specifics, I can quote you a more specific price. What is its intended purpose? Is this advertising or editorial? How large is the print run? Is this national, regional or local. How long are you wanting to use the image(s)? Are you looking for a buy-out? Are you willing to pay for one?

All these are factors which determine pricing. In basic terms it's time and materials factored by how much you wish to use the final product, and for how long. More use equals more fee. I can quote you based on hourly or day rates, or by the entire job. If you have a budget you need to work within, I'm reasonable. Let's talk.

What I don't go for is competitive bidding. I will quote an honest price, but if I have to cut my throat or sell my soul to get the work, it's not worth it. A former client outlined a job for me and asked, "What's your lowest price?" Obviously, he was more interested in the lowest price and not necessarily the quality of the work. And note the word "former" client.

Another factor is an established relationship. If we like each other and the work is gratifying, I can give a good client a break on occasion. Communication is key to so many things.

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