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There are 93 individual images so far on this site: 5 People pages, 4 Places pages, 1 Things, 2 Just for Art and 10 individual Just for Fun images that didn't really fit some of the other categories.

Click the War Story link to learn more about an individual image. It will tell you who it was made for, some technical info, or a background story, and sometimes it will answer the question: "what was he thinking?"

Just remember, an old soldier once said the only difference between a war story and a fairy tale is that the fairy tale begins "Once upon a time.. " and the war story begins, "No s**t, there I was..."

Tactics--calls up the copyright notice. And if there is any way you missed this, there is a link on every image page to remind you.

Com--sets up an e-mail to Battles Photography

Evac--takes you to a page of links.

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